Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Late Night Links

Okay- so I stay up late at night, researching homeschool websites, articles, blogs, etc....

I was keeping a list to send to another homeschool mom- and I decided I would just post these here on my blog- a resource for me and my friend and for anyone else out there looking for information.

So, tonights links are.... ( or rather this mornings- as its past midnight)

At this time you will need to copy and paste- I will come back later and make them clickable links.

Learn Japanese- for kids (this one is especially for you Debbie- Daeton will love Washington homeschooling even more now. :-) LOL)

Check out this homeschool blog-

another moms blog- with an article posted about homeschooling on a budget

Spelling webiste:

boredom busters and rainy day activities

bored with lunch- lunch ideas

woo-hoo lots of stuff for homeschooling

Magical Childhood- suggestions for things to do with your kids

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