Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Late Night Links

Okay- so I stay up late at night, researching homeschool websites, articles, blogs, etc....

I was keeping a list to send to another homeschool mom- and I decided I would just post these here on my blog- a resource for me and my friend and for anyone else out there looking for information.

So, tonights links are.... ( or rather this mornings- as its past midnight)

At this time you will need to copy and paste- I will come back later and make them clickable links.

Learn Japanese- for kids (this one is especially for you Debbie- Daeton will love Washington homeschooling even more now. :-) LOL)

Check out this homeschool blog-

another moms blog- with an article posted about homeschooling on a budget

Spelling webiste:

boredom busters and rainy day activities

bored with lunch- lunch ideas

woo-hoo lots of stuff for homeschooling

Magical Childhood- suggestions for things to do with your kids

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Our First Week

Last week was our first week homeschooling. It went really well. The kids are learning and I am learning more everyday. I am trying to come up with a plan to be more organized. I have lots of areas that I would like to be organized in.

First- lesson plan- Since I am currently trying a hodgepodge of different types of curriculum I have to make my own lesson plan- also starting at the end of the year its a little difficult assessing where I should focus. I realize that I really did not know what they were learning in school for the most part. Its kind of funny- we just send them off to public school and assume they are learning what they need to know, but we don't (at least myself) know what it is they are learning and what they are lacking in. I have learned a bit from Kaitlyn what she was not learning, cursive writing, multiplication, division- (she is in the third grade)- and Dalton seems to be pretty much up to course except with reading, which we are working on.

The Second area I would like to be focused on of course is home organization. I am in the process right now of decluttering our family room/office/storage/whatever else room. Oh multi-purpose room. That is the term.

I finally listed some of my books on ebay and now am going through the shelf and boxing up some of the books to make room on my shelves for homeschool books and other books that I actually want to keep. I purchased four bins and seperated into groups for future ebay sales. I just need to do a "clean-sweep" and get my mind focused before I dive into the ebay sales full force. I have 7 auctions ready to start tonight. I think that is far as I am going to go.

I also have taken the books that I have been collecting for homeschooling and went through those to weed out the duplicates or ones that will be outdated by the time I will be ready to use them. Those are going to the consignment store.

I still have to plan tomorrows lessons- I would like to get to a point where I will have the whole weeks lessons planned ahead of time.

We have homegroups (bible study) tonight and then tomorrow I have MOPS and TOPS so I need to squeeze lessons into a very full monday.

Well that is my first post on this new blog. I still need to workout if I should keep too seperate blogs or just do everything on my old one. We shall see.