Saturday, August 25, 2007


Just keeping this open and adding links until I am done for the night now- which is going to be soon...

okay well I guess that is it- sorry, not a long list of links.

Too tired!

nighty night

Chartacter Study

Found a website with some unit study on Chartacter Building- Excellent. Here is the link to that page- make sure once you are there to also go to their homepage for other great homeschool curriculum and ideas .

I know I know

Okay- so not so much updating in this homeschool blog of mine. I just thought I would update now since I am doing my research for this upcoming school year. My first full year homeschooling.

Anyhow- here is test one..... Can I make a clickable link without referring to a cheat sheet on html. Lets see . Oh boy- I already win- I just noticed there is an option on this blog for me to just click and it makes a link for me... I just ad the info.

So here is a website I found with some Free Curriculum- complete for babies-preschoolers- and then just parts of things for older kids- but a few subjects anyhow. Here goes it.